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About tourist resort

Although near the city crowds, in this well-known tourist resort visitors are able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of the river. Peace and intimacy that you will find in the tourist resort nestled on the banks of the Danube, surrounded by greenery, will surely be the reasons why you’ll always come back. Complete reconstruction of bungalows and restaurants in the tourist resort was completed in late 2010.

Tourist resort restaurants


It is situated on the bank of Danube and it offers a wide range of quality food and drinks. The restaurant consists of two connected units: the “Alaska terasa” open and closed gardens which offer a beautiful view of the Danube and Fruška gora.  Capacity is 140 seats in the open and 130 seats in the closed garden. The enclosed garden, thanks to a special sliding window, in the summer can be fully open and it’s also equipped with central heating so that quests can enjoy the charms of the Danube in the winter period.

Alaska bARKA

The restaurant is functionally connected to “Alaska Terasa”. It is specific in its beautiful marine style wood interior. This is one of the most unique restaurants in Novi Sad.

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restaurant ribarac

Restaurant “Ribarac” is a place where you’ll feel the charm, spontaneity and beauty of enjoyment.

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